The difference between 'libertarian' and 'liberal,' courtesy of Harry Reid.

[Libertarian]: “Voluntary taxation” = You can choose whether or not to participate in the tax system.

[Liberal]: “Voluntary taxation” = You calculate and send in your taxes, instead of your employer. And, oh, yes, you don’t have to pay taxes on a house if you don’t want to own one.

Watching an example of the former explain the definition to an example of the latter – and watching the liberal completely reject the definition without even remotely understanding it – in the following video will no doubt amuse you. Or make you want to throw a brick through the screen. Or both.

“I really don’t understand what you’re trying to get at…” – An actual quote from our illustrious Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who apparently really is this… well, dumb is the wrong word. Try “blinkered.” He’s so drawn up in the concept that taxes are of course a fundamental force of the universe that he apparently can’t contemplate the notion that people might be inclined to oppose them on general principles. After all, they’re taxes. You can’t talk about them as if you can just make them go away by wishing hard enough. They’ve got… taxions, or something like that. You can’t destroy taxions, right?  Isn’t that a law of physics?

I’m well aware that the GOP has a – somewhat deserved, honestly – recent history of not taking fiscal conservatism seriously, but you have to admit; at least we understood the concept that this is your money that we’re talking about.  Senate Democrats aren’t even trying.

Moe Lane

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