NY-20 Open Thread.

610/610: +65 Murphy, and the election will now not be over for another two weeks. The deadline for absentee ballots is April 13th, and if you think that either candidate is not going to insist on every second of that time… HAH!

609/610: 81 vote difference. Heck, this may go to a runoff.

607/610: Murphy takes lead with 200 votes; it’s going to the absentee ballots, folks.

591/610 Tedisco down to 30 votes+; I assume that means recount.

At 505/610, Tedisco is ahead by 1100 votes. As it stands, he will win Saratoga & Delaware Counties, and lose Columbia County. I don’t think Murphy can make up those votes in Columbia.

At 386/610: if this holds up, and the Saratoga results hold up… Tedisco wins.

At 312/610, 51/49 Tedisco/Murphy.
And with Warren County’s results in… not enough there to make it up for Murphy.

Still 52/48 at 168/610.
Saratoga County’s showing a 3K vote lead there with 43% in.

At 90/610 districts: Tedisco/Murphy 52/48

Very minimal this time: I’m still trying to find a results page.

OK, Constant Reader SE-779 come through with some:

The Saratogian.