Seattle's Sidewalk to Nowhere.

Literally, in this case: Jesus & Maria Barajas, a Seattle working class couple (janitor, maid) have to shell out fifteen grand for a sidewalk that might not even last until the city gets around to putting one in themselves. They have to do this because they’re planning to put a new house on their property – one that they’ve been saving up to afford for over a decade – but because of a) the letter of a law designed to regulate developers and b) some bad luck in the zoning area* they’re on the hook for putting up the only sidewalk on their block. What makes this really obnoxious is that Seattle officials admit that the law was not intended to affect people like the Barajas, but they’re going to have to construct the sidewalk anyway.

But the city government of Seattle meant well, to be sure.

(H/T: Ace of Spades HQ)

Moe Lane

*This wouldn’t be an issue if they lived on the other side of the street. Literally: the zoning runs down the middle of the road.

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