Moran, McAuliffe entering full contested-primary mode in VA.

The conflict between two major Democratic candidates (mentioned in yesterday’s RedHot) for the nomination for Governor continues to escalate. For the benefit of those catching the story late, the two individuals are as follows:

Brian Moran: former Virginia state legislator. Brother of notorious anti-AIPAC conspiracy theorist Rep. Jim Moran (D, VA-08).
Pros: Is not Terry McAuliffe.
Cons: Is probably best known for being brother of notorious anti-AIPAC conspiracy theorist Rep Jim Moran (D, VA-08).

Terry McAuliffe: former chairman of the DNC (2001-2005) and Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Presidential campaign.
Pros: very good at raising money.
Cons: Is Terry McAuliffe, former chairman of the DNC (2001-2005) and Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Presidential campaign.

What’s at issue here is that McAuliffe’s intending to raise a good deal of money for this race, and he’s going to do it in time-honored fashion: via maxed-out large* contributions and lobbyists.  Moran is understandably upset about this – he is, after all, not yet connected enough to do the same thing – so out comes the faux-outrage over McAuliffe’s GOP relationships.  This isn’t a bad tactic, per se, but they stumbled with the Limbaugh reference; that particular kerfuffle is several weeks old, moderately stale, and won’t stop McAuliffe from bringing in the cash. For McAuliffe’s part, he is fighting the problem that his party is at least publicly demonizing lobbyists, even if they’re happy to accept their help in private; his protestations that he’ll be anti-lobbyist, too, would be obnoxious if they weren’t so self-evidently absurd. McAuliffe’s best argument is that he can bring in the money, after all. The fact that it’s political suicide for him to acknowledge the implications of that ability is hardly anybody’s fault except the Democrats themselves.

Bottom line: nice internecine fight brewing in the Virginia gubernatorial primaries, so start making popcorn. After you go over to Bob McConnell’s site and see what you can do to help. Business before pleasure.

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*I was reminded over at MoeLane.com that this is a Governor’s race, not the Federal ones that I usually pay attention to.  No maxing out.