Jon Cannon withdraws from nomination over America's Clean Water Foundation ties.

Via Glenn Reynolds, a person (Jon Cannon) that you probably never heard of has just withdrawn from the Deputy EPA position over his links to a group (America’s Clean Water Foundation) that you probably never heard of.

“It has come to my attention that America’s Clean Water Foundation, where I once served on the board of directors, has become the subject of scrutiny. While my service on the board of that now-dissolved organization is not the subject of the scrutiny, I believe the energy and environmental challenges facing our nation are too great to delay confirmation for this position, and I do not wish to present any distraction to the agency.”

Interestingly, said group is currently being investigated by the EPA for seriously mismanaging roughly 25 million dollars in funds. Even more interestingly, Sen James Inhofe (R-OK) (the top Republican on Environment & Public Works) staffer Matt Dempsey reported that while Cannon had been questioned on Monday on his links to ACWF, nothing came up that would have derailed the nomination. In fact, Inhofe was planning to support the nomination (H/T: Track-a-‘Crat) at the confirmation hearings on Thursday. And nobody – and I mean, nobody – is talking about it on the administration’s end.

There’s something going on here.  Something more than a overreaction leading to a nomination withdrawal and a cruel joke played by a Teleprompter.

Moe Lane

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