The NRSC goes after... the President.

Mind you, this is all perfectly accurate (Via Ace):

…but a bit unexpected to have happen quite this early. Admittedly, the President hasn’t been having the best of months, but this is something that normally takes place after, say, disastrous midterms for the party in power.

I think that the answer is in the format: Ed Morrissey notes, this is a web-only ad*. It may be designed primarily to kick an anthill or two on the other side; from the NRSC‘s point of view, it’s not so much why the Online Left screams, as long as it screams. Which would also explain why the AIG shout-out; just a little extra flick of the earlobe. Cheap enough to do, and it’s kind of a slow season for the NRSC right now anyway while they wait for the next spectacular Democratic meltdown.

Moe Lane

*A point lost on a good number of critics of said ad, from what I’ve seen so far.

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