NRCC raises 6 million in March Dinner.

Bobby Jindal can draw a crowd, it seems.

NRCC raises $6 million for annual dinner

The National Republican Congressional Committee raised more than $6 million for tonight’s annual March Dinner, surpassing its goal for the event.

95 percent of the GOP House Conference contributed to the event, the committee announced.

For those following at home, that will mostly wipe out the NRCC’s existing debt, assuming that they apply it accordingly; it’s also about a million more than their goal of $5 million. This dinner’s usually a good fundraiser for the GOP; in fact.  The Democrats’ first fundraising dinner is of course tomorrow, and is for the DNC: President Obama will be the highlight of the evening.

If you want to go to that, by the way, tickets are still available.

Moe Lane

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