February Fundraising numbers are in.

Very shortly: it’s good news for the GOP, with the partial exception of the NRCC.

RNC/DNC, February (Via Hot Air)
The RNC raised 5.10 million, has 24 million cash-on-hand, and no debt.
The DNC raised 3.26 million, has 8.6 million cash-on-hand, and has 6.9 million in debt.

NRSC/DSCC, February
The RSCC raised 2.87 million, has 1.05 million cash-on-hand, and has 2.7 million in debt (drawn down).
The DSCC raised 2.87 million, has 2.91 million cash-on-hand, and has 10.9 million in debt (no debt retired).

NRCC/DCCC, February
The NRCC raised 2.03 million, has 1.85 million cash-on-hand, and has 6.4 million in debt.
The DCCC raised 3.48 million, has 2.91 million cash-on-hand, and has 15.09 million in debt.

I say “partial exception” because fundraising for the NRCC clearly needs improving (although the DCCC’s need for debt retirement will help there).  For the rest: it looks like the kerfuffle over Steele didn’t cost the RNC its usual fundraising lead over the DNC; but the big news here is the way that the NRSC held its own against the DSCC.  Given the number of untested incumbents and open seats that the Democrats are going to be fielding next year, parity is good.  Parity is, in fact, excellent.

Nonetheless, the totals this month should be merely a reminder that the GOP is not yet dead, and never mind how many people may be slaveringly eager to say otherwise.  This is the time to rebuild.  This is the time to go to the state GOP parties.  This is the time to find the candidates that you want to be speaking for you in the 112th Congress, and to go support them.  There will be no cavalry coming over the hill to save you – because you are the cavalry.

And you are perfectly capable of saving yourself.

Moe Lane

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