A recap of the AIG Bonus Blame Party.

So, let us review the bidding on the AIG bonus scandal, and who’s being blamed for it.

The Senate, in the person of Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT), is blaming the executive branch, pretty explicitly.

The House, in the person of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), is likewise blaming the executive branch – but she’s also blaming the Senate.

The White House doesn’t want to blame anybody… but AIG is like a suicide bomber (H/T Hot Air), and a “senior government official” is just plain “outraged” at that awful Congress for passing this. But Obama’s not about pointing fingers about how it could be the Republican’s fault – which is good, because as Ace points out our only contribution to this mess was Senator Olympia Snowe’s (R-ME) language in the debt bill that would have prevented these bonuses in the first place (that was before Dodd/Geithner/The White House/The Easter Bunny took them out, of course). Nope. It’s all Obama’s responsibility – but not his fault!

Conclusions? Only one. If you’re a staffer or employee under any of these people, for the love of God: don’t count on any of them to save you if there’s a scandal and you’d make a convenient scapegoat. These aren’t the idyllic days of the Bush administration, when the default assumption was that loyalty is supposed to go both ways: you’re in a Democratic administration now, and that means that you are in the state of nature.

So get everything in writing, and Trust. No. One.

Moe Lane

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