So why did you vote for the AIG payoffs, Rep Kanjorski (D, IN-11)? [Actually, PA-11]

[UPDATE] Yeah, let me fix this.
[UPDATE the second.] Not much to fix at all, really. Just a state and a readjustment of how much money he took off of PMA. Whew!

You’re ever-so-angry about this, to be sure:

…but you voted for the debt bill that your fellow-Democrat Senator Dodd loaded down with a loophole permitting these payments. If you’re so concerned, why didn’t you actually do something about it at the time? After all, you voted against the first stimulus bill, which I believe didn’t have this provision in it; so wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that the version of the debt bill that did have AIG exemptions was more attractive to you?

And, while we’re on the subject… there was a vote today to “a plan to recoup or stay the payment of AIG bonuses.”

You voted to block that plan – so why should we care about your outrage? It’s clearly not backed up by the will to do anything about it.

Moe Lane

PS: You took a 100 grand from PMA. Not really strictly relevant to this particular conversation, but I don’t want you thinking that we’ve forgotten. [There’s one oops: that was Visclosky. Kanjorski only took 37.5 grand. Silly me.]

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