I was at the ALG / Net Right Nation shindig.

It was fun; they (“they” being Americans for Limited Government & Net Right Nation) were nice people, and they gave me a beer. This is an easy way to make me your friend, for those who might not know this. There was also food. This is likewise a very simple way to make me your friend.

They had Andrew Breitbart talking: I have a photo of him taken from my cell phone, but I haven’t figured out how to transfer it yet. I didn’t take notes or anything, but the gist is that we conservatives – the menfolk, at least – should stop wearing Reagan-evoking suits all the time and get back into the business of claiming a piece of popular culture. Not wearing a suit at the time, and being all about abusing popular culture for my own purposes, I thought that these were both marvelous notions.

There will be a better post of all of this once I get the video of the talk sent to me.

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