The most interesting thing about this J-List thing...

…as mentioned by Brother Erick Erickson here, about this article here, is that nowhere does the Politico state that they got their information about this particular echo chamber from their own J-List members. The only on-the-record quote from a named Politico J-Lister is, in fact, rather innocuous. Which suggests that either: Politico doesn’t want its own members being accused of dishing out some of the more salacious details; or that they have independent sources willing to forward juicy details to the Politico.

Either way, sounds like they’re breaking Rules #1 & #2 of Fight Club. Always the way, when you get too close to DC…

Moe Lane

PS: Thanks for letting us know that Toobin’s on that list, by the way. Alterman we would have guessed, anyway, but there are people who actually still believe that Toobin’s somewhere close to objective.

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