A special St. Patrick's Day message for Dodd, from the NRSC.

It takes a lot for me to admit to the existence of St. Patrick’s Day; like virtually everybody else who can legitimately claim full-blooded Irish descent (15/16ths, in my case), I despise this holiday. Drunken non-Celtic buffoons with bad accents vomiting all over the place doesn’t appeal*. So, it requires something special to get me to even acknowledge the iconography.

This’ll do:

As Ed Morrissey notes, this is even topical, thanks to that lovely house in Galway that Chris Dodd owns, courtesy of the partner of the man he got a pardon for. Which is one reason why Rob Simmons is going to go after this seat. Until his website’s finished, here’s the CT GOP site, and of course, here’s the NRSC’s site as well.

Moe Lane

*Don’t smirk, Latinos. Wait until the Anglos get finished adulterating Cinco de Mayo. We’re four, five years away from seeing it being moved to the nearest Friday and making Speedy Gonzales the mascot.

Don’t think that it won’t happen

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