Gibbs: 'Sound' is completely different than 'strong!'

Let me summarize Gibbs’ position, here:

…we’re in better shape now than we were last year. Which is to say, we are better off than we were on September 15th, 2008, when the national debt was 9.63 trillion (it’s 10.98 trillion now), the unemployment rate was 6.1 (it’s 8.1 now), and the Dow was at 10,918 (it closed today at 7,217). Yes. We are doing so much better right now, I am tempted to max out my credit cards.

I would like to feel sorry for Gibbs, but it’s not as if his wife and family are currently locked away in a cage somewhere as surety for his good behavior. On the other hand, Andrew Sullivan is currently using the Atlantic to tell the world that Bush/Cheney were worse than the Gestapo (and you wonder why Douthat ran away from that gig?); seeing as by fairly simple logic that means that Obama is*, too… well. Maybe I should feel sorry for Gibbs, after all.

Moe Lane

PS: The funny part? That wasn’t even Tapper smacking Gibbs around this time.

*Which means that by his own rules so is Sullivan, until he repudiates his vote for Obama in the first place.

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