A quick question for the Obama administration on the Japanese counter-missile thing.

Let’s say that the Japanese carry through with their promise to try to sweep from the sky any North Korean missile that even looks like it’s going to violate their airspace (yes, I’m paraphrasing, and running the statement through the politeness filter). And let’s also say that they do so.

If that happens, can we assume that the missile defense system that they used – and developed jointly with us – will be sufficiently ‘proven’ to satisfy you?

This “nothing ever goes away on the Internet” thing’s quite the problem, isn’t it? Used to be, you could record a commercial or make a speech, secure in the knowledge that it’d take forever and a day for anybody to double-check it against all the other things that you said. And by “used to be” I mean “pre-2004.” But now… now, I, you, everybody with an online presence can compare and contrast. Forever. Which reminds me: how’s that plan to get the world to give up nuclear power going?

Hey, “I will seek a global ban on the production of fissile material” is pretty unambiguous. Besides, weren’t you the one who insisted that we refrain from informing you that words don’t matter?

Moe Lane

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