Breaking: FBI Raided Obama appointee's office.

(H/T Glenn) Did anybody have March 12, 2009 in the pool? Because if you did, Christmas just came early:

FBI raids office of D.C. CTO, Obama appointee

Federal agents this morning are searching the Judiciary Square office of Washington, D.C.’s Chief Technology Officer.

The search is part of “an ongoing investigation,” said a spokeswoman for the FBI’s D.C. Field Office, Lindsay Gotwin, said. She declined to comment further.

The outgoing Chief Technology Officer, Vivek Kundra, was appointed last week Chief Information Officer by the Obama administration. His last day at the city government office was February 4, a spokeswoman for D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty, Leslie Kershaw, said.

[UPDATE] Actually, I am going to speculate as a motive: Kundra’s apparently very Google-friendly, and there’s some indication that Google may not be entirely beloved by this administration. Of course, a government Google crackdown theory would have to assume that one part of the government (the part doing vetting of officials) wasn’t talking to another part of the government (the part doing raids on offices), but really, how likely is that?

No, I don’t know why they raided the office, either – but I can speculate that it’s part of an ongoing investigation, it’s one that’s been going on for some time, that the Feds are about to go into endgame, and that it’s probably something to do with DC-area municipal corruption. I also am going to guess that Vivek Kundra is about to discover that he needs to concentrate on spending some more time with his family.

Also: that’s some vetting process that the Obama permanent campaign administration has, doesn’t it?  Very efficient: most administrations have a typical lag time of several years between confirmation of an official and his or her first legal probe.

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