Another roundup of IL-05 primary results.

From Chicago News Bench, and I think that this local blogger will be covering the actual race pretty closely. He doesn’t like Quigley much already, partially because the guy’s apparently a trained seal for John Stroger (video autoloads at link) and partially because Quigley treats Twitter as yet another opportunity for campaign spam, so you may enjoy following this race via that portal.

Moving along, from the other side check out this and this post by Feigenholtz supporter Jesse Greenberg, which raises the interesting question of how somebody can run “against” a typically corrupt Democratic machine politician after endorsing the guy’s son in 2006 (including lending him staff), and voting for a budget that aided the politician’s cronies at the expense of regular workers’ jobs. Well, we all know the reason: it’s Chicago. Still, it’s an interesting question, albeit now one that won’t be addressed by the Online Left.


Moe Lane

PS: Yes, yes, Rosanna Pulido’s running in a district that went 3 to 1 for Obama. And?

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