The 'This video clip is apparently driving them insane' Sunday open thread.

I’m putting this up not because it’s really all that much of a prodigy-type situation – if the subject was dinosaurs nobody here would be surprised at (or challenging*) Krohn’s knowledge of the subject – but because an examination of Allahpundit’s comment section reveals that this fairly innocent clip engenders a level of spittle-flecked, obsessive reaction in lefty trolls that I normally only associate from them when it involves Sarah Palin.  We’re talking seriously disturbed, here.  Seriously disturbed.

And you know that I have strict standards in such things.

Anyway, open thread.

Moe Lane

*If you’re wondering whether I believe Krohn is as advertised or not: my answer is that I’m not really interested either way. I am interested in why the possibility that he is as advertised is apparently sufficient provocation to have some on the Left accuse the child of being a homosexual, but only because I’d like to see whether I’ve guessed the right answer.