Some un-asked for practical advice for Tea Party folks.

Since I temporarily have some people’s attention:

  • If you are a website design-type person: now would be an excellent time to either promote the site that you have designed to act as a national clearinghouse for upcoming Tea Parties, or to actually sit down and design one. I suggest something lean, stripped-down, has an easy-to-remember link, and designed to let people easily post their own locations and contact information.
  • If you are a deep-pockets conservative/Republican looking to fund something: here you go. Won’t cost you much to fund the above suggestion, and it’d be frankly a help. Alternatively, you could bankroll a local Tea Party group; that’s even cheaper at this stage (donuts, coffee, and megaphones).
  • If you are a non-nasty candidate for any office, or a staffer for same, or a campaign manager for same: get yourself and your candidate to the next one of these. Bring a megaphone. Have your candidate tell the crowd that he/she is just as tired of this as they are. (This advice also works for people already in office.)
  • If you are just a regular person: first, I apologize for the ‘just;’ elitist of me, and we’ve had quite enough of that lately. Second, go find a local Tea Party group. If you happen to know how to run an office, organize a meeting, or coordinate things over the phone, please find a local Tea Party group now.

I think that this should cover it – oh, yes, almost forgot: megaphones. Twenty bucks. Good for when you forget the bullhorns.

Moe Lane

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