Yes, Zachary Roth, we know: Bobby Jindal's skin color offends you.

Get over it, and stop with the one-handed typing on this story. Contra your increasingly wild-eyed protestations to the contrary, this story started with your pet failed sportscaster babbling about Bobby Jindal being 75 miles from New Orleans, mostly because he’s just smart enough to read what people like you put in front of him, and too dumb to read a map. And now that enough people from the Louisiana that’s in Reality Non-Unicorn have shown up to point this out, you’re trying to base your increasingly shaky case on a post that Ben Smith just keeps having to clarify and clarify and clarify. He’s at the stage where the Jindal people literally calling BS on this story, which puts us right back to the fact that this says nothing about Bobby Jindal, and everything about your inability to get past skin color.

Oh, and before you tell me that you don’t believe Jindal’s aides, shall we listen to the late Sheriff Lee himself? This is from when he endorsed Bobby for Governor: unlike you, he saw the content of the man’s character rather than the color of his skin.

God save me from the racism of the Online Left.  God save us all, in fact.

Moe Lane

PS: Thank you for confirming that you’re afraid of him. The smart thing would have been to just let the speech go.

PPS: I have to ask: is there sexing involved with this? Did they promise that you could wear the moose head during your session? – Because I have to say, you’re showing all the signs of being a person who has five hundred slightly different drawings of Sarah Palin being punched in the face saved on your hard drive.