My take on the speeches.

Obama: more than competent technical delivery.  A lot less Bush/GOP bashing than might have been expected, although I missed the last fifteen minutes or so.  He needed to smile more, he needed to talk more about hope, and he needed to convince me to save less every month and spend more.  He failed in that last bit.  IOW, he need Full Metal Unicorn, and didn’t really get it.  I think that we won’t see the markets collapse tomorrow, which is really the only real measure of success for this speech.

Also: he’s really going to regret that bit about saying how he wasn’t for larger government.  That may be better for us than “I won.”

Jindal: started a bit too fast, but was at a good pace by the end.  Good job at highlighting the differences between the GOP and the Democrats on this, without being rude about it.  Good job with the mea culpa – and, actually, we do want that getting disseminated, so feel free – about how we messed up.  And a heck of a lot more unabashed in its I’m Proud To Be An American vibe.

All in all, not a bad speech by either one, but they have competing visions.  I prefer Jindal’s.