ACORN: We have a right to take over foreclosed houses.

Several billion dollars’ worth, if I recall?

(Via Technomancy for Fun and Profit.)

Excuse me: it’s $5.9 billion dollars’ worth of your money that’s going to be accessible to ACORN, and I bet that they can’t wait. Check out Hot Air Headlines, Jawa Report, Newsbusters, and Sweetness & Light for more – particularly the last, as it highlights some of the things that ACORN itself did to put a lot of people into houses that they couldn’t actually afford. All in all, some fun faux-populism that we’ve got going on here, right? Yup, faux-populism: it’s certain that whatever definition of “The People” that ACORN uses, it’s one that excludes all of the Righties reading this – and about half of our Lefty lurkers, too.

Heck, it’s an open question whether these guys consider us to be human.

Moe Lane

PS: Are you enjoying subsidizing ACORN? Because if not, there’s a group out there that would love to channel your disapproval along more socially productive lines…

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