The Huffington Post Gleefully Falls for a Hoax. [UPDATE] They almost sound sorry for this one.

[UPDATE]: HuffPo now regrets the error.  Full points for retracting it in the story itself; 75% off the total for blaming it on a third party and not their own shoddy fact-checking.

They’re playing the same behavior pattern of slovenly reporting. In this case, failing to confirm before they screamed and leaped. Via Hot Air Headlines, johnny dollar has the details: to summarize, a video used by the HuffPo that purported to have a Fox News host compare Eric Holder to a monkey turned out to been a cheesy overdub. One that would have been obvious to anybody who examined the original feed

johnny dollar is keeping both videos on his own site, which is fair: he broke the story, after all. Come, I will hide nothing from you; when I used the first video yesterday for that piece on monkeys I winced on what the Left was going to say, but I also noted the abrupt cut at the end of it… which made me narrow my eyes a little. Not quite right, in other words. Turns out that my reflexes were sound on that, huh? Because if I had gone all righteous on the topic, I’d be printing a retraction right now.

Unlike HuffPo, which has yet to do so. Betcha they’ll just try to memoryhole the whole thing, too.

Because that’s what the media does with embarrassing stories about itself.

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