Gov Pat Quinn calls for Burris to resign.

[UPDATE] Well, well, well: I may be happy to be proven wrong in this case: “Illinois governor says Burris should resign
Quinn says a new senator should be chosen by special election
.” Via Hot Air.

Reported by Jim Geraghty: given the drumbeat of articles cropping up (“Black Ministers May Rethink Backing Sen. Burris,” and “Blagojevich aide tells of Burris call in fall,” and “What people are saying about Burris“) this was probably inevitable.  More as it comes in; thoughts after the fold.

There needs to be a special election for this seat, but there won’t be one. Democratic Governor Pat Quinn is just that, a Democrat; and his party have already decided that the next elected Senator from Illinois will be Atty General Lisa Madigan, which is probably why her father allegedly made sure that this scandal would explode further by allegedly having a key affidavit allegedly go missing until after a key US Senate vote. Having a special election now would interfere with that plan; after all, a Republican might win it. Can’t have that in Illinois.

So. Expect a caretaker appointee: one that won’t run in 2010. Quinn has no reason to sabotage this pick, unlike his predecessor, so whoever they pick will probably be clean enough. But be sure to pay attention to the reactions to the replacement announcement. If they’re jumping up and down for joy, with a heavy dose of let’s-move-on, it’s confirmation once and for all: they’re bought and paid for Democratic shills. By now it’s fairly obvious to everyone else that something’s deeply broken in the political machinery of Illinois.

Well, it’s fairly obvious to the shills, too, but they’re professionally obligated not to care.

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