Seattle, Stamford, and IMAO: a post about primates.

I went over to IMAO to get FrankJ’s reaction to this story about the monkey with the, ah, obvious distinguishing features that got loose in the Woodland Park Zoo:

He hasn’t gotten to it yet, but he did have a pointed observation about the people screaming about the Post cartoon:

Apparently, when they see a crazed, face-eating monkey — no matter the context — the first thing they think of is the current president. Why? Because he’s black, and apparently liberals think black people are just a step away from being crazed, face-eating monkeys. It doesn’t matter that Barack Obama is Harvard educated and has been elected president of the most powerful nation on earth, liberals still associate him with a monkey and it is insulting and disgusting. One really gets the feeling that as soon as liberals do a load of whites, they’ll be marching down the streets wearing sheets and burning crosses (which makes more sense for them since they have a disdain of Christianity — perhaps because Christianity is so favored by black people).

Like IMAO, I would like to note for the record that I do not think that President Obama is in any way like a crazed, face-eating monkey; and I personally find it intolerable that the Online Left is so determined to caricature him as one. This casual racism on the part of hate sites like the Huffington Post is intolerable among civilized people; and so I call on them to abandon such regressive attitudes forthwith.

Moe Lane

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