Nova-M goes under.

One week ago, our own Mark Impomeni went on the Randi Rhodes show (talking to guest hostess Nancy Skinner) on the liberal Nova M Radio network, and shut it down cold*. Today, via Hot Air, we are told that Nova M is no longer.


I think not.

I’m joking, of course: the real reason is that they didn’t make any money, mostly because not enough people want to listen to liberal talk radio. I know that this confuses some people, but then it’s mostly the same subset of people who thought that they could stop the GWOT – and how is that working out for you guys, these days? 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan? Well, maybe if you give even more money to the Democrats they’ll finally realize that they loved you all along – by creating ever-larger paper-mache heads of George Bush, so I’ll be nice and explain this one more time. There is nothing inherent in the medium of talk radio that makes it a killer app for conservatives. It is merely a technology that conservatives are comfortable with, from long familiarity. If liberals were likewise comfortable with this technology, they would be already using it effectively, and there would be no need to watch liberal talk radio stations fail with amusing regularity.

Fortunately, I’m likely to be ignored on this. Just like every other time that I’ve brought it up.

Moe Lane

*You can listen to it below: