Mike Lupica thinks that we need to leave Obama alone!

That is, convincing sports writers that they, too, can be political pundits. Which maybe they can, but this particular example rapidly went from ‘funny’ to ‘sad’:

Naysayers in media and partisans in both parties are undermining Obama

The real wisdom on the current state of American politics comes from the great Walt Kelly, from his Earth Day poster from 1970, the one in which Pogo famously says, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Appropriately enough, the subject of the poster is pollution. There is so much of that going on around the new President these days he probably wants to wear a gas mask.

Look, I have nothing against Walt Kelly – but geez, whenever I see that quote used in a column I immediately groan. It’s a tell. It’s a whining tell.

If you want to be spared reading Mr. Lupica’s article, let me summarize: Obama is the greatest thing in the universe, he’s going to save us all, Republicans are big meanies for opposing him, the Democrats opposing Obama are just as big meanies, the media won’t cut Obama a break, and Nancy Pelosi is worse than one of Bette Midler’s backup singers. No, this wasn’t written in an alternate universe and dropped off at this one via a convenient dimensional wormhole. He really means all of that: we’re apparently all abject fools for doubting the obvious accomplishments and judgment of 47 year old, formerly freshman Senator who nominated Richardson & Daschle to his Cabinet. And everybody’s beating Obama up unfairly – including the media, which is probably making Jake Tapper preen a little and murmur “Glad you noticed.” And the worst offender of all is Nancy Pelosi, who needs to understand that she’s blocking Lupica’s vision of the One, so she needs to stop. Because otherwise Obama is going to be hampered by those who do not match his glory.

I have to say that in a lot of ways, I prefer a Keith Olbermann to a Mike Lupica. With Olbermann you know that you’ll never see a crackup like the one that Lupica will have a few years down the line. If it ever gets too bad for old Keith, he’ll just lock himself into his dressing room, open up the safe, and spend the next half hour happily having his Jimmy Carter action figure beat up his George W. Bush action figure.  That’s because Olbermann is nurtured by his hate; it doesn’t make him strong, but it does provide him with a power source. When Lupica figures out what you, me, and Nancy Pelosi already know – that Barack Obama’s just a man – he’s going to have nothing to replace that.

Very sad. More or less.

Moe Lane

PS: It may please you to know that this this is what popped up when I went searching for an Al Gore action figure.

PPS: It has been demanded that I link Mike Lupica‘s (NSFW) thus. Demanded.

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