Greg Gutfield has exposed the 9/11 Conspiracy once and for all!

And – of course! – it’s in the last place you’d look:

Here’s how my very simple theory works: the common 9/11 truthers are – as a rule – unemployed, living at home, and nutritionally deficient due to a vigorously vegan diet. This gave them the free time, as well the depressed hostility (due to lack of animal protein) needed to plan the attacks. After the attacks, they were initially pleased that America mistakenly blamed bin Laden. But they also knew that, given time, after realizing the innocence of these young Islamic entrepreneurs, the scent of guilt would lead only to them.


There may be few gratifying things about having a Democrat in office, but letting them deal with these people for a change is going to be one of them. Frankly, the Left’s earned it: 9/11 Troofers were and are a largely Left (and antiwar, although that’s almost redundant) phenomenon, and one that few Democrats were willing to squash, given that they were mostly aiming their primitive, inaccurate handcannons at Bush. But now Bush is gone, and the Democrats are the Secret Minions of the Zionist Conspiracy, so have fun with the fallout on that one, guys.

I suggest that you start here: as usual, the non-Left has started the heavy lifting for you. Aren’t we just swell like that?

Moe Lane

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