"Jack Mur-tha... come out to play-a-yay..."

While we’re all busy watching the Democrats Keystone Kops their way through their debt bill passage, the next news cycle’s story is busily chugging along:

Firm tied to Murtha closes PAC

PMA Group, the lobbying firm tied to Rep. John P. Murtha (D-Pa.) that was raided by federal agents back in November, has closed its political action committee, the latest sign of the company’s implosion.

PMA filed a “termination report” with the Federal Election Commission Thursday, notifying the agency that it would be shutting down its PAC. The PAC refunded its last $29,423 to the contributors, including Mark Magliocchetti, brother of PMA founder Paul Magliocchetti.


But PMA has essentially collapsed; most of PMA’s lobbyists have bolted the firm, with one group breaking off to form its own lobbying outfit, while others have sought employment with other lobbying organization.

Nancy Pelosi is reportedly “concerned” about the probe, and probably hoping to all get-out that when this blows up the media will notice that PMA gave money to both sides of the aisle, and conveniently overlook the entire “fake campaign contributions to Murtha’s campaign” thing. Sorry: alleged fake campaign contributions. Anyway, given the amount of political capital she spent last year to keep her dear, dear friend Mr. Murtha in office, it’s not entirely surprising that she’s not doing the sensible thing and cutting Murtha loose immediately. The aforementioned Keystone Kops routine mentioned above is already giving her credibility a hit… and if she does get to go to Rome and meet the Pope, well, let’s just say that might not go all that swimmingly, either.

No, I don’t know anything about that. But I have my suspicions.

Moe Lane