Not to be all self-reflexive and stuff...

…but I think that RS McCain’s link to my Waters post is interesting because it’s showing a certain confluence of interests. As some of you may know, I’m a former Democrat myself (like RS McCain, in fact): and as most of you have worked out by now, I’m a good GOP Party man (decidedly unlike RS McCain). And while I’m sympathetic to a lot of libertarian notions – enough to define me as one of those Dread Moderate Squishes on a variety of topics* – I’m not one. 300 million people in this country: we can’t run it all via town meetings. That being said, everything he wrote after:

The Jellyfish Caucus — spineless worms like Arlen Specters and Susan Collinses — are not the kind of Republicans an ex-Democrat can support. If we were OK with Big Government liberalism, we’d still be voting Democrat. This is the heart of my grievance against David Brooks and his “national greatness” idiocy. The constituency for “national greatness” could meet in phone booth, whereas the potential constituency for libertarian populism is enormous.

…is something that I’m down with. Particularly the “raising hell” bits. I personally can’t wait, in fact.

Fun days ahead, nu?

Moe Lane

*Same-sex marriage, immigration reform, and legalizing pot, for those scoring at home.

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