Hey! Virginia's taking debt bill suggestions!

No, really: right here.

Nope, they’re not restricting it. You can just email ’em and start.

Yup, they want your input. They think.

So, what’s stopping people from sending in every obnoxiously expensive and/or silly suggestion that they can think of?

Now, who would do a horrible thing like that?

Moe Lane

PS: Idea via… somebody who I am waiting for an email back from before I give credit.

PPS: For those wondering about the math: 5.53 million adults in VA; that many six-packs at $7.99 works out to around $44.19 million.  Plus, of course, you’d need a 10% administration fee.  All in all, I think this is quite reasonable over a one year period: the top two microbreweries in Virginia (Rock Bottom & Old Dominion) can handle over half of the required capacity, and Fordham & Legend Brewing could do most of the rest.  We’d need about four or five small microbreweries to take up the remaining slack (700K six packs), but negotiations could be made.

Hey, this is no sillier than what they’d actually spend the money on.

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