BREAKING: They're voting on a resolution to strip Rangel of Ways & Means

[Further UPDATE] And now I’m hearing that it wasn’t a party-line vote, so I’m demoting this off of the front page [denied this, as well.  How amusingly ironic, no?] with a (rare) mild curse. Ach, well. Better luck next time.

[UPDATE]: Shoot, it didn’t pass. Waiting for the vote count.

More as I get it: I don’t know if it’ll succeed or not, but we’re about to find out who in the House actually believes in fighting corruption among its ranks. The below is from a week ago, but refers to tonight’s vote:

Process to Remove Rangel from Ways and Means Chairmanship Begun in House

(Washington, DC) – House Ways and Means Chairman Charles Rangel (D-NY) would be removed as Chairman of the powerful House committee pending completion of the ongoing investigation into Rangel’s multiple ethics violation charges and failure to pay income taxes, if the House approves a Resolution introduced today by House Republican Conference Secretary John Carter (R-TX).

Carter, who has demanded action on the allegations from both Rangel and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi since last year, introduced a privileged resolution on the issue today. Under House rules, a privileged resolution must be brought to the floor for consideration by the full House within no more than two legislative days. With the House scheduled to come back in session Monday, the measure must be considered no later than Tuesday.

This is, of course, from Rep. John Carter of Mars Texas (R, TX-31); see here and here for background on his particular quest.  As mentioned above, I have no idea whether this is going to work or not, but here’s hoping that Rep Rangel didn’t know what he was talking about, here.