Lake Worth, FL City Commissioner coordinating breaking the law.

Some background:

Two get jail time for FPL protest

WEST PALM BEACH — The activists claimed they acted in good conscience, linking themselves together with chicken wire and PVC pipe at Florida Power & Light’s planned West County Energy Center to raise awareness of the devastating effects they contend the plant will have on the environment.

Panagioti Tsolkas, Lynne Purvis and five other environmentalists with Everglades Earth First! faced a judge Monday afternoon for their penalty after jurors in December convicted them of unlawful assembly, trespassing and resisting an officer without violence misdemeanors.

For those wondering, the West County Energy Center project involves power generation via natural gas – which is a touchy subject for eco-freaks like Earth First!, given that it’s sufficiently cleaner than coal or oil to make it harder for EF! to inflict their bizarre religious views on the rest of us. Hence the protest; hence the arrests; and hence the jail time. Happy ending, right?

Well… yes, although these particular people are going to be aided in their further lawbreaking by an elected official: Lake Worth, FL City Commissioner (and Green Party member) Cara Jennings.

Commissioner Jennings is, as they say, a bit of a piece of work: a self-described anarchist who’s been elected to office (hey, if she had a functioning sense of irony she wouldn’t be a Greenie), she has a long history of the generally pointless behaviors that people too radical for the Democrats often adopt. Bad performance art, stoop labor keeping going unproductive agricultural concerns, throwing trash cans through shop windows (I’m guessing that last bit, but it’s usually what happens when the anti-globos gather together). But she is a City Commissioner for West Palm Beach.

Which is why this email that was forwarded to RedState is so funny:

I’m guessing that nobody ever explained to the City Commissioner that it’s considered especially bad form to commit criminal acts against a political system when you’re technically supposed to be a defender of it.  Or that it’s intensely foolish to announce that you’re going to commit criminal acts ahead of time.  Of course, being a Greenie, it’s entirely possible that someone did explain this to her, and Jennings was too stupid to understand the bigger words.  These are people who seem to think that enough bricks thrown through McDonald’s windows = the overthrow of Amerikkka, after all.

In the grand scheme of things, this probably isn’t going to go too far – although you can contact the Lake Worth Commissioners’ office, if you like – but it’s my opinion that it never hurts to remind people that the Greenies are crazy and hypocritical and do not play well with others.  Besides, street-level stuff is important, too.

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