There's something off with Harry Reid's math.

[UPDATE]: I’ve been told in comments that they’re pulling Kennedy off of what nobody wants to call his deathbed in order to pass the debt bill. Just as well: we’ve had everything else, so why not a human sacrifice?

Via Hot Air, and from this report of a tentative deal:

Reid suggested to reporters that he had two GOP backers for the bill but needed at least one more because neither wants to be the crucial 60th vote if all 58 members of the Democratic caucus support Obama.

Unless they plan to bring Teddy Kennedy back to the Senate chamber to vote on this*, Harry Reid only has 57 votes. He needs a third to get it past a filibuster.



Moe Lane

PS: If you have the votes to pass your party’s debt bill, Senator Reid, then go ahead and do it. Take possession of this thing like an adult.

*As the next paragraph of that article kind of makes clear, Senator Kennedy is in Florida right now.