The Solis/White House emergency tapes have come to light!

LA Times blogger Andrew Malcolm seems determined to point out that, yeah, there are still opportunities for political humor in this country, even if Obama did get elected. His spoof of the flight 1549 tapes (utilizing Obama’s latest exercise in flubbed vetting) is a case in point. We join the narrative as Hilda Solis explains her tax situation to the White House:

HS: It was an accident. An unintentional oversight.

HS: For about 16 years.

WH: Oh.

HS: Yes.

WH: How long have you been in public office?

HS: For about 16 years.

WH: Oh.

Read the whole thing: it’s pretty good. Especially if you’re, say, a professional comedian who’s taking the public position that there’s nothing funny to be mined from this administration’s follies…

Moe Lane

PS: Charles Sullenberger and his crew are, of course, still all rock gods. The ATC ain’t too shabby, either.

*The Hunt for Red October, of course.

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