Harry still thinking like a loser on his debt bill.

Or maybe he doesn’t want to win this one. Would you, in his shoes? Via AoSHQ:

Reid to GOP: It’s your fault if stimulus stalls

As the $820 billion stimulus package heads to the upper chamber, Senate Democratic leaders are launching a pre-emptive strike.

In a Thursday afternoon news conference, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid urged Senate Republicans not to line up against the bill, and says Republicans will be blamed for any delay in the landmark economic legislation.

“If we don’t [pass the bill], it’s not our fault, we’re trying,” Reid said. “The president has done a remarkable job covering all the bases on Capitol Hill.”

Actually, if you don’t [pass your bill], it’s completely your fault, and while you’re certainly “trying” I imagine that the President would agree with me that it’s the alternate definition of the word that applies here. You have 58 Senators, Reid: if you can’t control your own caucus, don’t presume to try to control ours. President Barack Obama had but one simple task for you and Speaker Pelosi, Senator Reid: create a bill that the Republican Party would find too impolitic to oppose.

You failed.

If this was a Bond movie, you’d have been tossed into the lava pool by now.

Moe Lane

PS: Don’t think that this lets you off of the hook, Senate Republicans. The House gave you a baseline for proper behavior. Heed.

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