James Clyburn's (D, SC-06) timeline for withdrawal.

  • June 16th, 2006: Voted nay on a resolution rejecting the imposition of a timeline on the withdrawal of troops from Iraq.
  • February 16, 2007: Voted to condemn the ultimately-successful surge strategy that allowed us to win the Iraq War.
  • March 10, 2007: Clyburn acts as whip for Iraq supplemental bill that included a timeline for withdrawal.
  • May 1, 2007: Clyburn condemns Bush’s veto of the anti-victory, so-called “Iraq Accountability Act.”
  • July 30th, 2007: “Clyburn: Positive Report by Petraeus Could Split House Democrats on War” (and thus make the imposition of a timeline more difficult for the Democrats).

I believe that the technical term for what has happened to the antiwar movement with regard to this is “pwn3d.”

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