Kelo's Little Pink House is still a bulldozed lot.

I got the tip from fellow RedState gonzo blogger absentee that Susette Kelo’s house – the one that the Supreme Court ratified the City of New London’s taking away from her, in what was frankly not liberalism’s finest hour – still hadn’t been replaced by anything. If that post by This Woman’s Weblog is accurate, it sure looks like it:

As you know, Susette’s little pink house and the homes of her neighbors were seized through eminent domain in a landgrab sanctioned by the U.S. Supreme Court. New London promised to put a glitzy new private development project on the land, but now, nearly four years after the ruling and $78 million in taxpayer money spent, literally nothing has been built on the land; it remains vacant, the neighborhood bulldozed.

A call to the New London Development Corporation (the group that’s supposed to be the developer of the Fort Trumbull area) lasted until I got tired of listening to the phone ring (the city itself redirected my questions pretty much immediately), and their website is… ah, uninformative. They apparently had Ms. Kelo and Jeff Benedict, author of Little Pink House: A True Story of Defiance and Courage on Hannity last night, and I found this video on said book via a site called Sharon4Council:

By all means, check it all out.

And if you don’t know why people all over the political spectrum have freaked out about this case for the last four years: go buy a house, and you’ll figure it out really quickly.

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