What? In what alternate universe is there a "cloud" over Rangel?

The Democrats have made it clear that they don’t give a tinker’s dam about Rep Rangel’s numerous ethical lapses, as even this Politico article makes clear (via Instapundit):

That ethics cloud still hangs over Rangel, but colleagues say it’s not limiting his ability to negotiate a sweeping package of tax cuts being pushed by President-elect Barack Obama.

“Charlie has been fully involved,” said Washington Rep. Jim McDermott, a Democrat on the Ways and Means Committee and a longtime Rangel ally.

“I wish he’d slow down,” joked Rep. Joe Crowley, a fellow New York Democrat. “We’ve kept up a very vigorous schedule.”

Since the beginning of the year, Rangel has met regularly with party leaders, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), as well as with members of the Obama economic team to hash out an ambitious package of tax cuts that will eventually become part of the massive economic stimulus bill.

I agree, there should be a cloud over the man, as a perusal of this tag should make clear. But that would imply that the Democratic Party was willing to – or even interested in – do anything to control or discourage his behavior. But they aren’t. But they won’t. In fact, they’re going to reward… Rep…. Rangel by scrapping term limits for committee chairmanships. So, when the ethics investigation “clears” Rangel – which it will; he is a Democrat in a Democrat-controlled Congress, and Speaker Pelosi is notoriously indifferent to her own party’s corruption scandals – he will even get to keep his job of oversight of your tax burden.

This is a thing that is happening. If you have a problem with me pointing it out, I am sorry to hear that: but I am merely the messenger.

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