Blagojevich scandal? "Let's go to the video tape..."

Capuchin monkeys with flaming chainsaws, that’s what:

Federal authorities used a video camera as part of their cache of tools to investigate Gov. Blagojevich in the final weeks of 2008 before his arrest, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned.

The camera, which likely was remote-controlled, was trained on the Friends of Blagojevich offices, 4147 N. Ravenswood, to help FBI agents identify individuals entering and leaving the campaign offices — and to identify who was talking on bugs agents covertly planted inside.

In addition, more phone lines and cell phones were tapped in the investigation than the government previously disclosed — including the cell phones of at least three members of the governor’s inner circle and two phones inside the campaign office — capturing dozens of individuals in the days when the governor was pondering a U.S. Senate pick and when horsetrading for the seat was rampant, sources said. U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is likely among the numerous individuals recorded because he called Blagojevich’s campaign office Dec. 3 to discuss his preferences for the seat.

Via Hot Air, and as Ed Morrissey helpfully notes, the video footage includes license plate numbers. And that the feds didn’t need a warrant to do this, thanks to it being public property. I’ll also add this last part from the article:

[Joseph] Ways said there’s a possibility that some wires in the Blagojevich case could even still be up and running. “Just because this thing’s been splashed on the front page across the country doesn’t mean criminal conversations aren’t going on over the phone,” Ways said.


Capuchin monkeys dressed like ninja.