Our Democratic Congress: pushing kids' clothes out of the reach of the poor since 2008.

Not that they meant to, of course. Or that the Consumer Protection Safety Improvement Act was meant to destroy thrift stores nationwide.

Or that they meant to fill up the landfills with stuff that people couldn’t afford to test. Or that they meant to make it more expensive for lower class families to buy clothing for their children in the middle of an economic collapse. Or that they meant to destroy the revenue stream of charities across the country… no. They meant well.

I forget who said that the preceding sentence is possibly the worst insult that one can offer in the English language.

Moe Lane

PS: Bipartisan sloppiness, Democratic ultimate responsibility. It was Nancy Pelosi’s and Harry Reid’s job to create a bill that wouldn’t target private craftsmen and your local hospital thrift store; they failed. We don’t run Congress any more, remember?