Obama *still* not interfering with Israel.

People like Simon Tisdall of the Guardian, who probably speaks for all those Leftists out there who contributed time and money in the hope that America’s Israel policy would change. I want to point out a specific sentence:

The Al-Jazeera satellite television station recently broadcast footage of Obama on holiday in Hawaii, wearing shorts and playing golf, juxtaposed with scenes of bloodshed and mayhem in Gaza.

…mostly to note that in my personal experience Hawaiian vacations can be very distracting; I certainly found it so, last year. So I recommend that everybody angry about the fact that the President-elect isn’t choosing to interfere with Israel’s self-defense right now should themselves visit Hawaii, just so that they’ll understand the situation…

Oh. Right. Most of the people who are angry about this refusal-to-interfere probably spent their vacation money – and the rest of their discretionary (and not-so-discretionary) income – on the Obama Presidential campaign, instead.



Moe Lane

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