Looking at the Michael Williams for Senate Online Presence.

Before we go any further: if you’re not checked out on this guy, check out the two speeches below:

and…then read this old diary. And this official website.

What makes this particular campaign interesting is that it’s actually trying to use some of the shiny new tools that one can find here on the Internet. As Capitol Annex notes (a mite grudgingly, and without really linking to the site – hey, Democrats first, advocates for general online activism about, say, fifth):

A few days before Christmas (which explains why we are only now blogging it) the campaign of Michael L. Williams–the recently re-elected Texas Railroad Commissioner who is now running for U.S. Senate–sent out an email to supporters that was quite shocking.

It wasn’t shocking in a bad way, but shocking in an odd way. Why? Because it showed that a Texas Republican had begrudgingly finally adapted to 2004-era technology and realized that the Internet just might be useful as a campaign tool in ways other than fundraising or just as a static website.

Don’t take this the wrong way: we’re no fan of Michael L. Williams. We just think it is worth noting that his campaign isn’t just taking advantage of the internet but touting its internet-based support.

Well, at least they included the email, which quoted a bunch of bloggers (half*-ahem) and commenters who were thrilled with the pick. Said email also noted the following avenues for more Michael Williams news:





…all of which are an excellent start. I have two pieces of advice for the Williams campaign, though. The first is that while it’s understandable that the Christmas holidays may have interfered with updates, it’s now the new year. So keep up the pace. This is the time to go from “Michael Williams? Oh, yeah, that guy. Sounds like he might be a good choice” to “Hold on. I thought that we had settled that it was going to be Mike Williams for that seat” among the right half of the ‘sphere.

Second? Have somebody stop by Blogger’s Row at CPAC – heck, at every GOP/conservative gathering that your campaign is attending, but CPAC’s the one that’s coming up soon – and by “someone” I mean “Michael Williams.” If you’re serious about using this medium to get your candidate elected to the Senate, it’s best if you talk to us. And I mean talk to. Not “at,” which unfortunately far too many politicians do, across the spectrum.

Moe Lane

*Half because I merely promoted Darin H.’s post.