I step off of the grid for two days, and the Blago thing explodes.

I have to tell you, this Burris pick is absolutely made of awesome. Just watch:

More fun stuff here, and here for more race-baiting goodness – and, really, by this point the entire blogosphere, most of which is by now utterly fascinated at the prospect of actually getting to watch the big ship hit the iceberg. Has it been mentioned yet that Burris has been a long time Blagojevich donor? Or that Blagojevich’s General Counsel (not his personal attorney; the administration official) just quit? Or that both Reid and Obama are busily writing the GOP’s campaign ads in 2010 for us by their earnest, but quite likely toothless, opposition?

What a way to start the new year, huh?

Moe Lane

PS: Hey, you know what would have short-circuited all of this? A special election. Shame that Illinois Democrats don’t trust democracy, huh? I invite the voters of Illinois’ Fifth District particularly to keep that in mind, what with the special election there to replace Rahm Emanuel.

Before you ask: it’s only because the US Constitution requires a special election for vacant House seats: Article I, Section 2. Otherwise, Blago probably would have appointed his horse, or something.