And here I thought that "The Great Netroot Betrayal" was merely a tagline.

Apparently not: they have chosen to betray themselves. Or at least their front-line troops have. Via Glenn Reynolds:

Last week, the group’s members chose their top four priorities for the organization, winnowed down from a top-10 list culled from 50,000 suggestions. The decisions they weighed would determine in large part whether the group would become a friend or foe of the Obama administration, a player or a gadfly in progressive politics, a piece of the Democratic machine or a thorn in the party’s side.

What they chose: universal health care; economic recovery and job creation; building a green economy; stopping climate change; and end the war in Iraq.

What they didn’t: holding the Bush administration accountable; fighting for gay rights and LGBT equality; and reforming campaigns and elections.

Yeah, I know: that’s five listed up there. You’re surprised that either progressives or the Politico can’t count?

Let’s review that list really quickly:

universal health care;

economic recovery and job creation;

building a green economy;

Which one of the three of these did you guys want?

No, really: which one of the three of these did you guys want? And it’s even which one of the two: the green economy thing’s going to last as long as people realize that it means “less coal,” which is another way of saying “less reliable electricity.” I suspect that some people aren’t up to speed yet about how the Democratic Party is not particularly inclined to be known as the Guys Who Brought Us The Great Brownout of 2009. Particularly when they’d first be known for that in 2010.

stopping climate change;

They’ve discovered that “global warming” hasn’t been working lately, thanks to all those blizzards we’ve been having. Although it’s been quite balmy for the last few days, so maybe they’ll switch back.

and end the war in Iraq.

Given that the war’s already over – and we’ve already won it – this should be a remarkably easy goal to achieve.

Basically, what’s happening here is that Moveon’s decided to become a fully-integrated sycophant of the Obama Administration. Which is their privilege: and it’s even understandable. The group has spent the last eight years impotently screaming about the current administration, and now that there’s a new one coming they naturally would like to maybe get a little more influence (read: “any”). If that means toeing the administration’s line on a variety of subjects – and keeping their corporate mouth shut on a variety of other subjects – well, one must be practical, no? And if that means that the progressive movement once again takes it on the chin… that’s unfortunate, but hardly enough of a reason to shut down the entire process of accommodation.

Besides, what are the more principled doctrinaire progressives going to do about it? Vote Republican?