I wish that I could say "Funny, I don't recall Washington Post writers being this sloppy."

In the process of implying that 55% of the population are lunatics, Eugene Robinson takes the time to demonstrate that his grasp of the bailout situation is only “matched” by that of his editors:

Funny, I don’t recall a cry from Senate Republicans for salary caps on the stockbrokers whose jobs were saved in the Wall Street bailout…

As Iain Murray helpfully notes, Robinson’s conveniently forgetting Senators Martinez, McCain, and McConnell – you have may have heard of that last one, Mr. Robinson? He’s the guy who Harry Reid answers to, and he was pretty clear on the topic:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., laid out four principles for a deal with the White House: a limit on executive pay, more protection for taxpayers, a guarantee any possible profits from asset sales be devoted to deficit reduction, and greater transparency.

The really distressing part? I expect this kind of behavior from regular print media these days – but I expect better than this from Real Clear Politics. For everybody’s sake, I’m hoping that it’s a one-time aberration.