Democrats: 55% of America is unpatriotic.

Live by the opinion poll, die by the opinion poll:

Majority of Public Opposes Auto Rescue
Poll Finds Most Blame Industry for Problems, Believe Failure Won’t Hurt Economy

Most Americans continue to oppose a government-backed rescue plan for Detroit’s Big Three automakers as majorities blame the industry for its own problems and are unconvinced failure would hurt the economy, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Overall, 55 percent of those polled oppose the latest plan that Chrysler, Ford and General Motors executives pitched to Congress last week, on par with public opposition to earlier, pricier efforts. But with 42 percent support, the new request for up to $14 billion in emergency loans has more backers than previous proposals to secure up to $34 billion in loan guarantees.

That 55% of the population is apparently made up of un-Americans, too – at least, if you listen to people like Governor Granholm, who took time from her busy schedule of ramming Michigan into the wall to attack Republican patriotism:

Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) said it was “un-American” for senators to have voted against approving a bailout of troubled automakers last night, saying their vote may cause a recession to become a depression.

“It is unacceptable for this un-American, frankly, behavior of these U.S. senators to cause this country to go from a recession into a depression,” Granholm said during a radio interview Friday morning.

Hey, remember when liberals actually bemoaned the fact that Granholm can never be President? Statements like this actually make me a little regretful about that, too. She looks like precisely the sort of person I want my Party to be facing in a national election: arrogant, clueless, and possessed of a horrible sense of timing.

Oh, well.

Moe Lane

PS: Via The Weekly Standard, see also John Dingell for another specific case – although that may be just him not being allowed to be too publicly bitter at the way that Detroit’s got the shiv from Beverly Hills right now – and Jon Henke for some blasts from the unpatriotic-mongers’ past.

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