Good morning, *Mister* Jefferson.

The results are in for LA-02, and it is 49.55% for Anh “Joseph” Cao and 46.82% for William J Jefferson.  First things first: my apologies to Democratic voters in Louisiana’s Second District.  I did not believe that enough of you would be willing to put aside your partisan affiliation to cast a meaningful vote against rampant corruption.  The results have proven me wrong, and I am sorry for doubting your collective judgment.  And let me be the first to remind the future Rep. Cao that his seat is a privilege, not a right: there are a lot of voters out there tonight who have taken a leap of faith in trusting that you will serve them better.  I believe you to be worthy of that trust; may I not be proven wrong on this as well.

And now that we have that painful admission out of the way… as for you, Mister Jefferson.  Mister corrupt politician, Mister divert-rescue-personnel-to-clean-out-your-office, Mister blatant-nepotist, Mister IN. HIS. FREEZER!


No.  You’re not worth it.

Go away.

Moe Lane