The Georgia Senatorial Runoff Results Open Thread

UPDATE, 9:00 PM: With 68% of the vote in, it’s 61/39 Chambliss/Martin, and I’m going to go back to watching Hellboy 2. But the big question is: did Obama know that he wasn’t going to be able to pull this one off for the Democrats, or did he just not particularly care? Either answer would be interesting for his Party, in the Chinese proverb sense.

PS: Chambliss is well aware who helped get him out of this hole.

WJBF Results here: With 1% in, it’s 70/30 Chambliss. We’ll see how it goes.

UPDATE, 8:12 PM: And CNN has it at 65/35 Chambliss with 20% of the vote in.

UPDATE, 8:31 PM: Georgia’s Secretary of State page (H/T AoSHQ) has it at 62/38 Chambliss with 43% of the vote in.