Washington Post: Step down, Rep. Rangel (D, NY-15).

Can’t have that:

Step Aside, Rep. Rangel The chairman of Ways and Means becomes an unnecessary distraction.

WHEN WE last wrote about Rep. Charles B. Rangel (D-N.Y.), chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, we urged that the House ethics committee be allowed to investigate before anyone drew final conclusions. But the latest revelation of Mr. Rangel’s ethical tin ear is the most galling yet. While he remains innocent until proven otherwise, he should step aside as chairman while the ethics committee expands its inquiry.

(Snip of stuff that you already know about already.)

At a time when President-elect Barack Obama is holding frequent news conferences to reassure the markets and the American people that he is ready to lead the nation to economic recovery, the last thing he will need is a chairman of Ways and Means caught up in a swirl of serious allegations.

While I appreciate the desire of the Washington Post to enter unto the side of righteousness on this issue, I do wish that they had not couched it in terms of trying to protect its investment. Then again, doing otherwise might have required them to explain why they’ve suddenly started caring about a Democratic Congressman with his hand in the till.

Just saying.